How to Deep Clean a Kitchen

Equipment Kitchen Surface cleaner or disinfectant spray Anti-bacterial cleaner for fridge and all food cupboards Oven cleaner Floor cleaner Limescale remover Wood or metal polish Step Ladders Washing Up Bowl Dishwashing Liquid Oven Cleaner Rubber Gloves 8 Micro fibre cloths Vileda Mop Bucket Vacuum Duration Apprx 3 hours Wash up any pots and pans first, [...]
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How to Clean an Oven

Equipment Rubber Gloves Blunt Blade Paper Towel & Newspaper Paintbrush or Toothbrush Scrubbing Brush 2 x Microfibre Cloths Scourer Washing Up Bowl of Clean Water Washing Up Liquid Oven Cleaner Duration - Apprx 45mins - 1 hour. Preparation Make sure the oven is off Open windows fully to allow ventilation Make sure you have the [...]
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How To Clean a Hard Floor

Equipment . Vileda Supermocio mop . Vileda Mop bucket . Vacuum . Micro fibre cloths . Kitchen sponge . Warm water . Floor cleaner Duration - 10-20 minutes Preparation of floor 
Firstly ensure that all surfaces, furniture, tables, chairs etc. have been cleaned. That way, if anything falls, it will fall before the floor is [...]
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