We at Platinum Housekeeping aim to achieve more than simply a ‘standard’ clean. We work to very high standards consistently.  Attention to detail & presentation are as important to us as cleaning in every aspect of our work. We specialise in regular cleans, one off cleans, deep cleans and end of tenancy cleans. All of our services will be tailored to meet your needs.

Our mission is to create a true ‘Housekeeping’ service and so on top of cleaning and ironing duties we are happy to undertake other duties that we are capable of doing around the home at our clients’ request. A team of two housekeepers work together and it will be the same people each week, aside for covering for holiday or sickness. Your dedicated Account Manager will be available for liaise with on all queries or matters to do with your cleaning service.  Will always be keen to hear your feedback & strive to fulfil your expectations.


Our regular cleaning service is a weekly or a fortnightly clean and it will be the same Housekeepers for each clean who will gain a very good understanding of cleaning your home.  We bring all of our own products, equipment and cloths or we can put together the quote based on using your own.  The Housekeepers follow a detailed housekeeping plan which outlines your exact requirements.  In each and every room we dust, clean & polish surfaces to leave rooms sparkling.

Our standard cleaning list is as follows;

  1. Kitchens
    • We clean the worktops, all surfaces, appliances, the sink, the hob & hood, cupboard doors & front of oven & white goods and inside of microwave. We dust picture frames and skirting boards, clean window sills, doors & handles. We polish all stainless steel. Empty bins, vacuum and mop the floor.
  2. Bathrooms

    We thoroughly wash and clean the toilet, bath, shower cubicle, the tiles, the door & door handle. We polish the mirrors, glass & chrome. Empty bins, vacuum and mop the floor.

  3. Reception Rooms & Bedrooms

    We dust from top to bottom, including all surfaces, picture frames, window sills and ornaments. We wipe doors, polish cabinets, tables & mirrors. We tidy and present soft furnishings well and vacuum and mop floors.

Our Housekeepers pride themselves on aiming to exceed our Clients expectations and deliver consistently superb results on every visit.

Deep Clean

This would be a thorough top to bottom style clean ensuring that every corner and crevice are expertly cleaned to a high standard.

We ensure the following is carried out;
• Furniture would be moved and all woodwork thoroughly cleaned.
• In kitchens we would de-grease from top to bottom and can include inside of fridge, oven and/or kitchen cupboards if required.
• Bathrooms have every area thoroughly washed, scrubbed and disinfected & then polished.

This can be a one off or occasional clean or could be your first clean with us. Our Housekeepers follow a detailed checklist prepared following our visit to your home and tailored by your instructions.

We put every effort in to achieve the wow factor for our clients by leaving every room spotless, clean and shining.

End of Tenancy Clean

Our end of tenancy cleaning service is comprehensive, methodical and we are confident to always deliver the highest clean standard. Followed a visit to assess your needs and a detailed quotation written, our Housekeepers will ensure that:

  • All surfaces, cabinets both inside and outside, furniture, skirting boards, door frames, window frames, window sills, radiators, hand-rails, windows internally, floors, tiles and blinds are free from dust and then washed & polished accordingly
  • Kitchens will be fully de-greased
  • Bathrooms have every area thoroughly washed, scrubbed and disinfected & then polished
  • Glass and shiny surfaces will be left streak free and gleaming.
  1. Tidying

    Each room will be tidied and organised. Items and clothes will be put away or left neatly on the side.  All sofas will be plumped up, all beds made and cushions will be arranged artistically.  All towels hung neatly on their rails.

  2. Laundry

    Laundry duties will be carried out as detailed on the housekeeping plan.  This can include dealing with clothes washing, tumble drying, the hanging up of the clothes and placing all items in the correct place.

  3. Ironing

    Ironing will be a specified amount of time spent ironing or a specific number of items as per the housekeeping plan.  Our Housekeepers are expertly trained in ironing. We will ensure that clothes and sheets are crease free and left to hang correctly according to our client’s instructions.

  4. Territory

    We cover the Harpenden, St Albans, Wheathampstead, Hemel Hempstead and surrounding territory.

  5. Housekeepers

    Our cleaning service is carried out by cleaners who work in teams of two.  They have all been security checked & vetted and expertly trained to the highest possible standards of domestic house cleaning. Every cleaner is fully aware of our security measures that we enforce and is fully versed in our health and safety policies.

We are confident that we will achieve outstanding results, which will save you time and money and make your house move, sale or letting less stressful!

Cleaning Process

  1. Initially we arrange to visit your home where we will outline out services & gather info about your housekeeping requirements in order to give you a tailored cleaning service.
  2. We will produce a quotation for you detailing the housekeeping service designed for you
  3. Based upon acceptance of our quotation, we arrange our first clean.
  4. Our Housekeepers will use a Cleaning Plan compiled by your Account Manager for your home. After the first clean we will contact you for your feedback.
  5. Following this will be our regular weekly or fortnightly cleans with the same Housekeepers at a regular day of the week.
  6. Your Account Manager will be your point of call for any queries. Our focus will always be on high levels of client service & client satisfaction!
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