Tailored Service

A housekeeping service designed to fit your exact requirements

Highest Quality

Cleaning, Housekeeping and Ironing Services

Talented Housekeepers

Expertly trained, highly motivated and reliable housekeepers

Account Manager

A dedicated Account Management service from the initial quotation visit ensuring client satisfaction every step of the way

Security Procedures

Security is our priority to protect your home

Competitive Pricing

True quality and value for money for regular, deep and one off cleans

We work alongside the areas best Carpet Cleaning company, The Alternative Cleaning Company.

Kate Vickerton – Owner


As a person who takes pride in the cleanliness & tidiness of my own home it gives me a lot of job satisfaction to be a part of a team of people who take pride in caring for our clients homes.  The integral part of my role is sourcing good quality cleaners & training them into Platinum Housekeepers. As I am known to say, “I am only as good as my cleaners!” My focus in the business is to achieve the highest of standards in Platinum housekeeping duties.




• All surfaces, cabinets both inside and outside, furniture, skirting boards, door frames, window frames, window sills, radiators, hand-rails, windows internally, floors, tiles and blinds are free from dust and then washed & polished accordingly • Kitchens will be fully de-greased • Bathrooms have every area thoroughly washed, scrubbed and disinfected & then polished • Glass and shiny surfaces will be left streak free and gleaming.

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