At Platinum Housekeeping we believe our home is our sanctuary and a clean & tidy home is a vital part of creating this.  With work, family and social lives, it is all too often that there is little time or desire for cleaning. We take pride in delivering a professional service to our clients and a regular cleaning service from Platinum Housekeeping will take away your burden and give you a home that you really can call your sanctuary.

Our recruitment process is thorough in order to source the best & most reliable cleaners. Once fully vetted we invest valuable time in giving them domestic cleaning training  to ensure they work professionally and efficiently, in order to always meet our clients’ expectations.  All are health & safety trained and fully insured.

Security is of high importance to us and our Housekeepers follow a process that keeps our clients homes and keys safe.  We deliver a fully managed & personalised service to fit your exact requirements.  A detailed plan will be compiled by your account manager for the Housekeepers to follow.  Management works closely with the Housekeepers on a day to day basis, ensuring that high levels of service are consistently delivered.

Based in Harpenden we look after clients in Harpenden, St Albans, Wheathampstead, Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas.

In the industry we often hear clients talk of negative experience with cleaners in the past.  Our systems and processes are designed to eliminate these negative points to give a highly satisfactory experience from our housekeeping service.  Our dedicated and focused Housekeepers aim to achieve perfection every time.  We like to go that extra mile.

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