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How to clean and polish wood furniture

Knowing how to clean wooden furniture correctly and safely will not only keep your home looking its best, but help preserve your family heirlooms for years to come. Luckily, this can be a swift, easy job with the right techniques, leaving you time to relax. Dusting, cleaning, and waxing are all valid cleaning methods, but […]

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How to remove grease stains

A splash of grease from the frying pan, or a greasy stain on work overalls needn’t be a laundry nightmare. Grease stain removal can often be much simpler than dealing with other types of stains, as oily substances can effectively be broken down with washing up liquid. This article will explain the process of removing […]

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How to use a pressure washer

Key Steps: It’s a good idea to wear goggles when using a pressure washer to prevent debris from flicking up into your eyes. Do not allow a child to operate a pressure washer, as even though your child may think it looks like a fun toy, they’re actually powerful machines that can cause harm to […]

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How to remove coffee and tea stains

Key Steps: Pour warm water directly on the garment. Then apply a few drops of laundry detergent to help remove the tea or, coffee stain. Gently rub the detergent into the stain and then rinse. If you need a quick solution to remove a coffee stain, grab some vinegar and mix with water. Always follow […]

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How to clean gutters

Key Steps: You can remove leaves and debris using your hands, just be sure to wear rubber gloves; alternatively you can use a short rake. Part of gutter cleaning is checking that there are no leaks. Pour a bucket of water into the gutter to see if any water leaks out, this will also remove […]

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Outdoor cleaning: the best ways to clean your patio & decking

Patio stones become dirty and discoloured easily, and should be cleaned thoroughly at least once or twice a year, preferably during spring or summer. Look no further for helpful tips on how to clean decking and patios! You’ll need:  Either a dedicated patio cleaner or bleach. Although specialist patio cleaners are widely available, they are […]

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How to clean a greenhouse

There are several reasons why you should put greenhouse cleaning on your list of yearly garden tasks. We all know that plants need the right conditions to grow, and one of the basic requirements is light. But if you’ve been spending more time looking down at your seedlings, rather than up at the windows around […]

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How to clean leather car seats

Key Steps: Although you can buy specialised leather cleaners, products you would normally have around the home, such as laundry detergent, or vinegar can be used to clean leather car seats. Just follow the instructions in this guide. Avoid using wax, silicone, or oil-based products. Use cleaning products sparingly to avoid oversaturating your seats. Make […]

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Motorcycle cleaning: how to clean different parts of your motorcycle or moped

There are two very good reasons why motorcycle cleaning should be a priority for all bike owners: not only does regular maintenance ensure that the motorcycle or moped continues to run smoothly and reduces the risk of damage, but it also keeps the bike looking its best. Motorcycle cleaning does take a bit of time […]

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How to clean a bicycle

You can purchase specialized products at your local bike shop or from online retailers. Professionals recommend always hosing down your bicycle and applying a small amount of lubricant to the chain after each ride. Let’s be honest – how many of us do that every time? After a long ride, bike cleaning is the last […]

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