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How to clean a BBQ grill

With the sun finally coming out, there’s no better time to dig out the barbecue and welcome the warmer weather with a party. But after multiple uses over the previous summer, and then a winter of lurking in the shed, your grill isn’t necessarily going to be at its best. Fortunately, cleaning it (even after […]

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How to clean block paving

Key Steps: Firstly, remove any weeds growing in between your paving slabs. Next, use a jet washer to quickly remove dirt and moss. If you don’t have a jet washer, then don’t worry – a scrubbing brush and a mixture of water and liquid soap will help you clean up your paving. Block paving can […]

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How to clean a car

Car cleaning requires time, patience, and specific materials. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your car, inside and out: Car Cleaning Tips: The Interior  Deal with the interior of your car first. You’ll need the following car cleaning products: Shampoo (for fabric seats only) Leather cleaner and conditioner (for leather seats only) Protectant (for […]

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Car polishing and waxing: a how-to guide

Key Steps: For car polishing, you will need the following materials: A polishing sponge or soft cloth Metal polish Plastic polish (Optional) additional polishing tools Polishing and waxing a car is an important part of caring for your vehicle. It helps to prevent environmental wear and tear, and can make your car look fresh and […]

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5 household chores guaranteed to boost your mood

Without regular work, chores can build up and become overwhelming, so keeping things organised can definitely help to lower daily stress. If you’re having a really awful day, how about doing one of those jobs you’ve been putting off? Whether it’s learning how to declutter your wardrobe or how to organise your kitchen cupboards, you’re […]

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Kitchen storage ideas: how to keep your kitchen clean and tidy

Key Steps: Rotating shelves help you maximise space and have easy access to items that would normally get stuck at the back of the cupboard. Make it easier to find the utensil you’re looking for by using drawer dividers to arrange utensils in sections. Kitchen storage can be about décor as well as practicality, read […]

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How to use fabric conditioner: what is it, where to put it, and how to make towels soft

What is Fabric Conditioner? Fabric conditioner, or fabric softener, is a popular laundry product usually added to the drum in the final rinse, further enhancing the quality of your wash. Fabric conditioners can be used both in the washing machine, where they are added to the correct compartment of the washing machine drawer (read on […]

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How to remove soap scum from shower

Key Steps: Heat loosens soap scum – clean the bathroom just after a family member has had a shower. The hot, steamy environment will help loosen soap scum making it easier to clean surfaces in the bathroom. Use a commercial cleaner to remove soap scum – Products like Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Spray will […]

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How to unblock a toilet

Essential equipment for unblocking a toilet: Protective clothing, e.g. rubber gloves Hot water A plunger A commercial drain cleaner such as Domestos Pipe & Sink Unblocker (remember to follow the instructions on your product’s label carefully). There are a number of reasons why a toilet can end up blocked, but there’s never a reason why […]

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How to unblock a sink

No matter how careful we are, sinks can become blocked relatively easily. This is particularly true of kitchen sinks, as tiny pieces of food can get lodged in the pipes, and any fat accidentally flowing down the drain can solidify into what appears to be a permanent blockage. Let’s get one thing straight: there is […]

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