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How to clean an iron?

We all lead busy lives, and the last thing on our minds after a hectic week is to clean the iron. But keeping your iron in good working condition for longer means cleaning it regularly – it’s just another household task that needs to be done. It need not be a time consuming job, though […]

How to clean paint brushes and rollers?

Paint brushes and rollers are like any other tool – unless you clean them properly once in a while, they will stop working so well! It’s a bit of a specialist topic, so we’ve prepared a lowdown on how to clean paint brushes. We’ve included a section on cleaning paint rollers, too, because it’s even […]

How to prevent e-coli in the home?

E-coli is a term that can strike fear into people. We all know it as a nasty infection that can cause some pretty unpleasant symptoms. But how do you get e-coli and where does e-coli come from? Here’s a basic guide to what causes e-coli and e-coli prevention. What is e-coli? he full name of […]

How to clean make-up brushes

Have you ever wondered how to wash makeup brushes, or even why you need to wash them? Most of us either forget about cleaning makeup brushes, or simply ignore the fact that it needs to be done, but it’s actually a very important task, and should be undertaken once per week as part of your […]

How to use steam cleaners in all rooms in your house?

Key Steps: There are two types of steam cleaner: cool or dry Steam cleaners are powerful cleaning tools that can eliminate dust mites, germs, mould, and fungus They can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and items, but be sure to check your machine’s guidelines before trying out on a new surface. Did […]

Cleaning your computer, phone, and other electrical products

Key Steps: Clean your electronic devices regularly as they are prone to harbouring bacteria. Use water, or cleaning products sparingly. Keep a can of compressed air by your desk to use for dislodging debris from your keyboard. The next time you’re cleaning the house, take a moment to consider what you haven’t scrubbed. Surprisingly, many […]

How to clean a fish tank?

Fish can be a great addition to the home – they’re easy to look after, therapeutic to observe, and kids adore them – but how do you make sure they stay healthy? Keeping the tank clean is very important when it comes to keeping your fish alive and healthy, and you should be giving it […]

How to get rid of damp?

Damp is a problem everyone dreads, but unfortunately, it’s also relatively common. Even though damp is accompanied by a number of smaller cleaning challenges, the good news is that treating dampness is relatively easy as long as it is caught early. The correct method for getting rid of damp varies according to the location of […]

How to sterilise baby bottles and other baby items.

Whether you’ve decided to breastfeed or bottle-feed with expressed milk or infant formula, you should always ensure that you both clean and sterilise all types of newborn feeding equipment. This includes bottles and teats, any anti-colic devices, breast pumps, and any spoons and syringes used for administering medicines. Newborn babies have vulnerable immune systems, meaning […]

How to remove limescale and hard water deposits

Key Steps: Tackle limescale removal regularly Soak – the longer you leave a removal agent on the affected area, the better it will work Treat the toilet bowl with a specialized limescale removal product for the most effective results Limescale is a calcium compound found on those surfaces and appliances around the home that come […]

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