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How to use steam cleaners in all rooms in your house

Key Steps: There are two types of steam cleaner: cool or dry Steam cleaners are powerful cleaning tools that can eliminate dust mites, germs, mould, and fungus They can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and items, but be sure to check your machine’s guidelines before trying out on a new surface. Did […]

How to get rid of spiders in the home

There’s a spider in your bath – how do you feel? You might be happy (or broadly indifferent) at seeing signs of benign, eight-legged, insect-eating life around your home, but reluctant to leave them at such obvious risk of drowning. It’s equally possible, though, that the sight of the little beastie makes you sick to […]

How to remove limescale and hard water deposits around the home

Limescale is a calcium compound found on those surfaces and appliances around the home that come into regular contact with water. Though a household nuisance, limescale isn’t as impossible to remove as is commonly thought. Even the hardest water deposits can be vanquished with the right cleaning agent and a bit of elbow grease! Read […]

How to get rid of Moths, Dust Mites and Bed Bugs

How to get rid of Moths Clothes moths, or ‘Tineola Bisselliella’, are a fairly new problem for homeowners. While they’ve always been around, we’re starting to see them breed in greater numbers, which is causing more noticeable (and costly) damage throughout the home. In the past, clothes moths would die out in winter, returning in […]

How to remove tea stains from mugs and cups?

Key Steps: As tempting as it is to leave your mug on the side after enjoying a relaxing hot beverage, it’s always best to give it a rinse as soon as possible. Pay particular attention to any brown stains that have formed and give them a quick scrub before placing in the dishwasher or leaving […]

How to clean countertops and remove stains

Consult your kitchen manufacturer to determine what cleaning methods are suitable for your worktops Regularly disinfect your surfaces with an anti-bacterial spray like Cif Anti-bacterial Original to keep them clean and hygienic Use baking soda to help eliminate tough stains Spills, splashes, stains – your kitchen worktops go through a lot in just a day. […]

How to wash & dry duvets & pillows.

Duvets Most of us will (hopefully) change our duvet covers on a regular basis, but it’s important not to forget about the duvet itself. While these don’t need cleaning quite as often – about once a year should suffice – washing your duvet is recommended. You’ll probably notice that your duvet has a label suggesting […]

How to Clean a Fridge

Equipment • Rubber Gloves • Soft Sponge • 1 branded anti bacterial spray cleaner spray • 2 Micro fibre cloths • Baking Soda • Warm Water • Lemon Juice Duration Apprx 30 minutes Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t just involve wiping the work surfaces and washing the cooker top – it includes the refrigerator, too! In […]

How to wash & dry your clothes using a washing machine & tumble dryer

An essential part of washing your clothes is to choose the right detergent for the type of fabrics being laundered, and for the wash cycle and temperature you are using. When washing at a lower temperature, you can use a biological laundry detergent, like Persil Small & Mighty Bio, as these contain enzymes, which are [...]

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning Guide

First make sure that you've read your tenancy agreement in full. It will stipulate how the house needs to be left when you end your tenancy. It's worth while getting your end of tenancy deep clean done early, to ensure that you get your home perfectly clean before the final inspection. That way, you stand [...]
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