Stained bathtub? 4 easy ways to clean the bath

Key Steps: It’s essential to know what your bathtub is made of before you start cleaning so you can select the appropriate cleaning method. Porcelain tubs are the most durable and can withstand most cleaning solutions Enamel tubs tend to be found in older bathrooms and can be very sensitive to bleach or strong acid. […]

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How to clean bath mats

Key Steps: Use bleach to sanitise, and remove odours from your rubber bath mats. When washing fabric shower mats use a high temperature setting to remove any mildew or bacteria. Shower mats provide safety and comfort by preventing slips and falls, but they can also become quite unsanitary if they are not properly cleaned. Dirty […]

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How to clean bathroom accessories

Key Steps: 1. It can be easy to forget about cleaning bathroom accessories, but it’s important that they’re not neglected if you want to keep your bathroom free from germs. – You wouldn’t neglect cleaning the toilet, so why forget about the toilet brush? 2. Everyday household cleaning solutions can be used, or specialised bathroom […]

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How to clean a shower head

Shower heads are extremely prone to a buildup of limescale, which can prevent the water from flowing correctly. Fortunately, if you need to clean limescale from your shower head, it will only take a few hours – and only a few minutes of cleaning effort from you! Below are the following steps that can be […]

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Vacuum cleaner maintenance: how to keep your hoover in good condition

Key Steps: Regularly: Change your vacuum cleaner bag. Make sure the floorhead is not clogged with debris. Change or clean the vacuum filter. Keeping your vacuum cleaner or hoover in working condition ensures it has a longer life and gives you better value for money. Expensive vacuum cleaner repairs can be avoided with a little […]

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Top cleaning tips for students

Key Steps: Create a cleaning rota to share out the chores equally. Rotate chores weekly ­­­– no one wants to be solely responsible for the smelliest jobs like taking the bins out! Don’t leave stains to linger – wipe up spills as soon as they happen. The same goes for if you spill something down […]

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The advantages of using a dustpan and brush

Sometimes, using a vacuum cleaner is impractical or impossible. There’s still a place in the home for the traditional dustpan and brush! This guide suggests which situations might require the specialist attentions of a dustpan and brush, as well as explaining how to get rid of dust quickly and effectively with these trusty tools. You’ll […]

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How can I make a house cleaning schedule?

Key Steps: A Quick Reference Guide to Making a Cleaning Schedule: Break up cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly events Daily tasks include quick tidy ups and dealing with dirty laundry and surfaces Weekly tasks mean thorough cleans of appliances, floors, and rooms like the bathroom Monthly tasks include time-intensive jobs like cleaning the […]

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How to clean Victorian floor tiles

When moving house or embarking on an extensive renovation, you may be fortunate enough to discover original Victorian floor tiles hidden under an old carpet, or simply left to fade and stain over time by previous owners. Cleaning floor tiles embedded with over a century’s worth of dirt, and then keeping them at their best, […]

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