April 18, 2018

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning Guide

First make sure that you’ve read your tenancy agreement in full. It will stipulate how the house needs to be left when you end your tenancy.
It’s worth while getting your end of tenancy deep clean done early, to ensure that you get your home perfectly clean before the final inspection. That way, you stand a better chance of getting your deposit back!
The work that you carry out should be based on your inspection checklist and your check-in record. Generally, though, to pass your final inspection you should carry out the following end of tenancy deep cleaning tasks:

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning of Kitchen

• Kitchen Surface cleaner or multi surface
• Anti-bacterial cleaner for fridge and all food cupboards
• Oven cleaner
• Floor cleaner
• Viakal Limescale remover
• Wood or metal polish
• Step Ladders
• Washing Up Bowl
• Dishwashing Liquid
• Oven Cleaner
• Rubber Gloves
• 8 Micro fibre cloths
• Window Cleaner
• Step ladder
• Vileda Mop
• Bucket
• Vacuum


Apprx 2 hours

• Empty all kitchen cupboards and drawers. Pack away all pots, pans and cutlery.
• Using a damp micro fibre cloth and Kitchen cleaner, clean the insides off all empty drawers and cupboards.
• Using a step ladder now clean all high up shelves and extractor fans should you have any.
• Clean the outsides of all kitchen cupboard fronts using a bowl of warm soapy water with a soft sponge, this will work hard at cleaning up any greasy marks.
• If easy to do so, remove all cupboard handles and leave to soak in warm soapy water for appx 45minutes.This will leave them sparkling like new!
• Ensure the oven is fully turned off, take out baking trays and spray around the inside of the oven and oven racks with a branded oven cleaner. (Do not spray the fan!) Please be sure to wear gloves and open up windows fully to allow ventilation.

• Using Kitchen cleaner Scrub the hob with a soft sponge. Remove any hob plates and place them inside the oven, coating them with cleaner, too. Leave for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour.
• . Unplug the fridge freezer and remove the contents of any food in the fridge and any freezer compartment. Throw away any unwanted or gone off food but keep any items that can still be used. Food items such as meat and fish, should be in a cooler while you clean inside the appliance and they shouldn’t be outside of the fridge for more than 20-30 minutes.
• Fill up the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and remove all shelving from within the fridge, leave these to soak for apprx 30 mins
• Using kitchen cleaner or anti bacterial cleaner and a clean micro fibre cloth, clean the whole of the inside of the fridge. Wash off with cold water.
• Wipe down the shelves that have been soaking, dry them, and put them back in the fridge. Reconnect the power and refill the fridge if needed.
• Refill the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and place the oven parts in the water to soak.
• Return to the oven and scrub the inside walls and roof with a damp sponge. Any burnt on food may need to be re applied with oven cleaner and left for longer to soak.
• Remove the oven cleaner by using a clean sponge and wiping out any residue with clean cold water, this may need to be done a few times to ensure all cleaning residue has been removed.
• Clean and rinse the hob plates and racks and replace within the oven.
• Leave the oven door to allow maximum drying levels.
• Once fully dry, reconnect the power to the oven
• Refill the kitchen sink and place the microwave plate and any other detachable items in to soak.
• Switch off all power sources to the microwave
• Clean the walls,ceiling and base with hot soapy water and a sponge and dry.
• Repace the microwave plate and any other items removed back into the microwave.
• Once fully dry, reconnect the power.
• Clean the inside of all windows, making sure to clean the insides once opened.
• Using a decobwebber remove any visable cobwebs from around the room.
• Dust down all wall removing any surface dust using a hand held feather duster.
• With warm soapy water and a sponge spot check all walls,skirting boards and kickboards and remove any dirt/grease marks that may be visable.
• Using Viakal limescale remover, and a very soft wet sponge clean the kitchen sink. Make sure to go round all plugholes, plugs and taps to remove any brown stains or build up that may have occurred over time.
• Leave for a few minutes and buff dry with a clean micro fibre cloth.
• Take out any accumulated rubbish from within the kitchen.
• Finally, vacuum the floor ensuring to reach all corners to lift up any spilt food.
• Fill the bucket with 1 small cap full of branded floor cleaner and ¾ water and mop the floor. Now your end of tenancy deep cleaning of the kitchen is complete!

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning of The Living Room

• Step Ladders
• Cobwebber
• Feather duster
• Washing Up Bowl
• Warm Water
• Window Cleaner
• 5 Microfibre cloths
• Washing up liquid
• Upholstry Cleaner
• Polish
• Multi Surface Cleaner
• Carpet Cleaner
• Floor cleaner
• Vileda Mop ( for hard flooring)
• Bucket ( for hard flooring)
• Vacuum

Apprx 1.5 Hours

• If any furniture is situated and staying in the living room, please cover to prevent from becoming dusty.
• With a handheld feather duster dust down all walls,ceilings and fans to remove any settled dust – along the way looking for cobwebs. These can be removed later by using the vacuum or a de cobbebber.
• Wash down all walls, doors and skirting boards to remove any dirt marks that may be extremely visible. This can be done using a slightly damp microfibre cloth and soapy water.
• Using a vacuum on a low setting, vacuum all lampshades to remove any embedded dust or dirt.
• Spray all windows with a window and glass cleaner and clean using a microfibre cloth, again not forgetting once open, to clean all of the insides.
• Clean all window cills using either a multi surface cleaner or a spray polish.
• Dust and clean out all Sofa’s and chairs.Use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean out couch crevices. Clean slipcovers, accent pillows, etc. in the living room. Use an upholstery attachment on a rug shampoo machine to clean soiled couches and chair surfaces if needed. If a light cleaning is needed use upholstery spot cleaner. Test in a hidden area first!
• Clean the carpets and rugs.If your carpets and rugs are heavily soiled it may be time to call a professional. You can also rent cleaning machines to use. Be sure to ask for one with an upholstery attachment. If your carpets are only lightly soiled vacuuming and spot treating may be all that is necessary.
• Vacuum all carpeted/hard floor areas making sure different attachments are used to get into all corners and crevices.Take the time to clean the doormats inside and outside your doorways. Wipe them down. Dust them off. Whatever needs to happen so that shoes don’t transfer the dirt of your mat to your home. Double check that your mats are still in good condition to protect your carpets.
• Mop all hard flooring.

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning Of Hall,Stairs & Landing

Branded Carpet Cleaner
Multi Surface Cleaner
5 microfibre cloths
Mop & bucket (for hard flooring)
Floor cleaner (for hard flooring)
Carpet cleaner

• Duration
• Apprx 20 minutes

• Using an extendable feather duster dust down all high walls on the hall, stairs and landing. Also remove any cobwebs that may be seen.
• Wash/wipe down any banisters & handrails using a microfibre cloth or soft sponge and multi surface spray or warm soapy water.
• Follow the above process to wash down any skirting boards and doors.
• Vacuum each step of your staircase starting from the top and regardless of whether it is carpeted or not.
• Vacuum the corners and the sides. Whatever vacuum cleaner you use,remove the vacuum foot and use the attachments for stairs and upholstery to vacuum the stairs perfectly.
• If the staircase needs mopping after you have finished with the vacuuming, use a suitable floor cleaner and mop as normal.
• Once you have reached the bottom step, you should see a difference when you look up the stairs. Your staircase will be clean and fresh. Ask everyone who enters your home to remove their shoes by the front door as walking on the stairs with shoes will make it harder for you to maintain the staircase clean.

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning of Bathroom

• 5 microfibre cloths
• Bathroom Cleaner
• toothbrush
• Limescale remover
• Harpic Toilet Cleaner
• Window Cleaner
• Vacuum
• Mop
• Bucket
• Vinegar
• De cobwebber
• Steam Cleaner
• Scrubbing Brush
• Floor cleaner

Apprx 1 hour

• Firstly, open all windows to allow ventilation
• Dust and wipe down any light fittings by using a feather duster and a damp microfibre cloth
• Wash down all doors and skirting boards with warm soapy water and a clean cloth.
• Wipe down the inside of all window sills and Tracks using a damp sponge or this can also be done using a handheld steam cleaner to really lift embedded dirt
• Clean all windows and mirrors using window and glass cleaner spray and a soft cloth.
• Wash down all countertops and shelving using a damp cloth and bathroom spray cleaner – not forgetting to buff all surfaces dry to leave streak free.
• To clean the bath and the shower,Start by using the steam cleaner with the squeegee attachment on the bathtub and shower walls to loosen any embedded dirt, grime and stubborn stains
• Spray all shower heads and shower controls with Viakal limescale remover, leave for a few minutes then buff dry. This will leave all chrome looking like brand new!
• For shower screens, spray the entire area with limescale remover and leave for a few minutes.
• Return back to the shower screen and wash off the cleaning product using cold water.
• Using a window scrapper remove any excess water that may still be visable. Spray with glass cleaner and buff dry. Repeat this process for the outside of the screen also.
• Soak the shower tray with branded bathroom cleaner and with a wet cloth create a lava and clean. If there appears to be rough limescale patches, use Viakal limescale remover and a course sponge to lift this (repeat the process if needed)
• Dry out the shower by using a clean dry cloth.
• To clean the bath and the sink is a similar process to the shower cubical. Simply spray the taps and plugholes with limescale remover and scrub using the soft side of a sponge. This will ensure too lift any yellow grime that may have gotten around the bases of taps and plug holes.
• With warm water wash the product away and buff dry with a clean microfibre cloth.
• Spray bathroom cleaner into the bath and sink and clean with a wet microfibre cloth, this will create a lava and clean to its maximum. Quite often the sides of sinks and baths often get missed when it comes to cleaning, so make sure these get cleaned also!
• As always, rinse and buff dry with a dry cloth.
• Now to clean the toilet. Place Harpic toilet cleaner around the rim on the inside and leave to soak.
• Using bathroom cleaner spray the entire toilet making sure to spray under the toilet seat and around the base. Now with a slightly wet cloth clean and create a lava. Wipe off any excess bathroom product and buff dry with a dry cloth.
• With a toilet brush scrub the inside of the toilet ( making sure to go beneath the water) and flush away the toilet cleaner.
• Now vacuum the floor, making sure to get into all corners and crevices
• Using a vileda mop & bucket mop the floor, again making sure to get into all corners and crevicies.

End Of Tenancy Deep Cleaning of Bedrooms

• Equipment
• Step Ladders
• Cobwebber
• Feather duster
• Washing Up Bowl
• Warm Water
• Window Cleaner
• 5 Microfibre cloths
• Washing up liquid
• Polish
• Multi Surface Cleaner
• Carpet Cleaner
• Floor cleaner
• Vileda Mop ( for hard flooring)
• Bucket ( for hard flooring)
• Vacuum


Apprx 1.5 Hours

• Remove all cobwebbs. And dust down all walls, ceilings from top to bottom.
• Spot check all walls, doors, and skirting boards for dirt marks. Clean with warm soapy water and a sponge should dirt marks become noticeable.
• Dust and clean all lampshades, ceiling/extractor fans, light switches and plug sockets.
• Clean all windows inside, not forgetting to open and clean the inside of all cills.
• Dust and clean out all beds .Use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean out bed crevices.
• Clean the carpets and rugs. A simple branded carpet cleaner should do the job. If stains are still apparent you may need to hire a heavy duty carpet cleaner or contact a professional carpet cleaning company.
• Vacuum all flooring ensuring to reach completely underneath bed frames.
• Mop the area should there be hard flooring.

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