November 10, 2017

How To Clean a Hard Floor


. Vileda Supermocio mop

. Vileda Mop bucket

. Vacuum

. Micro fibre cloths

. Kitchen sponge

. Warm water

. Floor cleaner

Duration – 10-20 minutes

Preparation of floor
Firstly ensure that all surfaces, furniture, tables, chairs etc. have been cleaned. That way, if anything falls, it will fall before the floor is cleaned.
  • Clear the area. Remove all obstacles that are on the floor i.e. tables, chairs, rugs
  • Alert anyone in the household that cleaning is taking place, you don’t want any accidents nor do you want to have to go over your work again!
  • Vacuum the floor first. Always start from one corner and work your-self out. Not missing any skirting or corners. Mops generally do a useless job of picking up crumbs, dust, hair, and other solid particles. If you mop a floor that hasn’t been vacuumed you will end up pushing particles around and may result in scratching the floor when mopping.
Preparation of Mopping
  • Use correct floor cleaner for type of hard floor. e. tiled, wood, or real wood
  • Place 1 capful of floor cleaned into the bucket with 5 litres of warm water. Leave enough of the bucket empty to allow room to add the mop and to keep the wringer up out of the water.
  • Do not use more cleaner than you need. Doing so will cause residue left on floor when dry and may also damage the floor.
  • Dip the mop in the cleaning solution and let it absorb the product thoroughly this will only take 2-3 minutes.
  • Wring the excess solution out of the mop. You want it damp not dripping wet. If you use too much water when mopping, when the floor has eventually dried it will leave water marks and grimy dirt patches.
  • Have a micro fibre cloth and kitchen sponge ready to hand for suborn stains.
  • Move the mop around over the area you want cleaned with some pressure to pick up the dirt. When you have covered a small area grab a cloth to wipe the bottom of any furniture or fittings that the mop may have brushed against.
  • Section the room in halves or quarters, doing so helps make sure all the floor is covered and nothing is missed
  • For hardwood floors, run the mop with the grain of the wood.
  • For textured floors, move the mop in small figure eight circles.
  • Work back towards a door to avoid stepping on the areas you have just cleaned. Any dust on the bottoms of your shoes will stick to the floor and become mud. If you do step on an area that is wet, run the mop back over it to clean up these tracks.
Finishing Up
  • Open all doors and windows to allow to dry quickly and effectively
  • Try not to manually dry the floor as this will make streaks
  • The good thing about Vileda Supermocio mop is that with one click the mop head will come off and can be washed in the washing machine! So not only is this good hygiene it is also cost effective!
  • Dispose of dirty mop water in a toilet or an outside drain. It’s a better place to put something that might have solid particles and you won’t have any the task of cleaning sink drains!
  • Lastly always rinse the mop bucket out. Even if a cap full of water is left being stored this will dry into a clay type of substance and start to smell. Warm water and a sponge will do the trick.

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