December 8, 2018

How to clean a shower head

Shower heads are extremely prone to a buildup of limescale, which can prevent the water from flowing correctly. Fortunately, if you need to clean limescale from your shower head, it will only take a few hours – and only a few minutes of cleaning effort from you! Below are the following steps that can be taken to clean shower heads, leaving them spotless and limescale-free.

How To Clean Limescale from a Shower Head.

Cleaning limescale from shower heads with white vinegar is a good way to remove all that nasty buildup! However, using vinegar can take a few hours to have the maximum effect, so you may prefer to use a specialist cleaning product, like Cif Bathroom Spray. Whichever product you use, make sure to follow the directions on the label and test it in a small area first. You will also want to rinse the product thoroughly before using the shower as normal.

Cleaning Limescale from a Shower Head with Vinegar.

If using white vinegar, this is the easiest way to clean the shower head:

  • Remove the shower head if possible.
  • Fill a re-sealable plastic bag with white vinegar, and tie it around the shower head with a rubber band. Make sure that the affected area of the shower head is covered with the vinegar.
  • Leave for several hours for the vinegar to take effect.
  • Carefully remove the bag, and then scrub any remaining limescale with a clean, soft sponge.
  • Run the shower for a few minutes to remove any lingering smell of vinegar before using the shower as normal.

How To Clean Limescale from a Shower Head with a Cleaning Product
Many cleaning products are specifically designed to combat limescale, and these products are easy to use (and often take much less time than the vinegar method!). Just follow the directions on the label, take any necessary safety precautions, and test the product in a small area first before proceeding. Make sure to rinse the shower head thoroughly before using the shower as normal.

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