August 28, 2018

How to clean an iron?

We all lead busy lives, and the last thing on our minds after a hectic week is to clean the iron. But keeping your iron in good working condition for longer means cleaning it regularly – it’s just another household task that needs to be done. It need not be a time consuming job, though – just follow these steps.

How to Make an Iron Cleaner for the Reservoir 

The reservoir – the compartment you dispense water into – can be easily cleaned with a cheap and cost-effective iron cleaner: all you need is white vinegar and water. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting this method, however, as some irons have a self-clean option, while others can handle the careful application of more vigorous commercial cleaners.

  1. Measure out equal parts white vinegar and water and pour this mixture into the reservoir.
  2. Leave to soak for two hours.
  3. Rinse out the reservoir with distilled water.

If you really can’t handle the smell of vinegar, use purified or distilled water, and turn on the steam option instead. Keeping a window open will help ventilate the room and get rid of the scent quicker.

How to Clean the Bottom of an Iron

It is important to know how to clean an iron plate properly to get good results. You can use warm water and a cloth to carefully scrub off any marks, but the perfect iron cleaner for the job will be effective at removing limescale. Try a commercial cleaner designed for the job, or apply a small amount of white vinegar solution – see below for the method. As we mentioned earlier, this old-fashioned technique doesn’t smell ideal – be sure to clean it off with water before using your iron again.

How to Clean Iron Plates

If you decide not to use a commercial cleaner designed for this purpose, remember that all homemade cleaning solutions carry some risk – test them on a small area before tackling the rest of the iron. Remember that the iron needs to be switched off and cool before you start cleaning it.

Key Steps:
  1. White vinegar is a versatile cleaning product that is great for cleaning the reservoir and soleplate of your iron.
  2. Be sure that your iron has cooled down and is turned off and unplugged at the mains before you start cleaning.
  3. Never use a metal scouring pad to clean the soleplate of your iron as this can scratch and damage the iron.

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