December 22, 2018

How to use fabric conditioner: what is it, where to put it, and how to make towels soft

What is Fabric Conditioner?

Fabric conditioner, or fabric softener, is a popular laundry product usually added to the drum in the final rinse, further enhancing the quality of your wash. Fabric conditioners can be used both in the washing machine, where they are added to the correct compartment of the washing machine drawer (read on for advice on where to put fabric conditioner), or in the basin when hand washing.

What Does Fabric Conditioner Do?
  • Fabric conditioners make clothes even more pleasant to wear. Using a fabric conditioner or softener makes your clothes feel softer, bouncier, and more comfortable to wear. Softer clothes are less harsh and scratchy on your skin, making them ideal if you or someone in your family has sensitive skin – some products, like Comfort Pure, are even formulated to be extra-gentle on delicate skin, and are especially good for babies.  A good quality fabric conditioner will also leave your clothes with a long lasting fresh smell.
  • Fabric conditioners also help to protect your clothes – particularly those made with soft fabrics like wool. Over time, the fibres tangle and bobble, leaving your clothes looking tired and worn. Fabric conditioner lightly conditions each of the fibres, helping them to remain regular and smooth and retain their natural elasticity – making your clothes look newer for longer.
  • Fabric conditioner saves time. Fabric conditioner can be particularly useful if you, like most of us, would prefer to spend as little time on ironing as possible. Clothes washed in fabric conditioner generally come out of the machine less crumpled – the smoother fibres make creases fall out more easily, and so ironing requires less effort!

Think of fabric conditioner as you would hair conditioner – in fact, they work on very similar principles. With both, you can instantly feel the difference the product makes, which is why most women (and men are catching up) wouldn’t dream of washing their hair without a conditioner. So why not use a fabric conditioner to care for your clothes in the same way, and keep them looking their best?

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