December 14, 2018

Stained bathtub? 4 easy ways to clean the bath

Key Steps:

It’s essential to know what your bathtub is made of before you start cleaning so you can select the appropriate cleaning method.

  • Porcelain tubs are the most durable and can withstand most cleaning solutions
  • Enamel tubs tend to be found in older bathrooms and can be very sensitive to bleach or strong acid. Bleaching or using a strong acidic cleaner on this type of bathtub may cause rust-like stains to appear
  • Acrylic tubs closely resemble plastic and so may become deformed if you use abrasive tools like a pumice stone to remove stains

A long, soak in the bathtub after a hard day at work can be pure bliss – but maybe not so much if your bath is covered in stains! Limescale, soap scum, and other stains can build up on bathtubs over time, but they don’t have to stick around for long with the right bath cleaning tips! Here we give you the lowdown on four easy techniques for cleaning the bathtub and removing stains.

4 Effective Bath Cleaners for Removing Stains.

Cleaning the bathtub can be a quick and easy job – all you need is a good cleaner and some rubber gloves. Always remember to take note of what material your bath is made of to help you choose the appropriate bath cleaner from the options below. 

Commercial Cleaner

If you don’t want to make your own solution at home then a specially formulated bathroom cleaner is a quick and effective option to go for, just be sure to follow the product’s instructions carefully. A bathroom spray like Cif Power & Shine will help to lift soap scum, limescale, and water marks leaving you with a sparkling clean bathtub.

For really stubborn stains you could try using a bleach-based product, like Domestos Bleach Spray, however only use if your bathtub is white or a light colour. This will help whiten your tub and is suitable for most bathtubs, including old enamel – just remember to test on a small area of the bathtub first.

Baking Soda

Suitable for even old enamel bathtubs, baking soda can help rid your bathtub of nasty stains. Mix a paste of two parts baking soda to one part hydrogen peroxide and apply to the stains. Leave the paste to set for about half an hour. Once the baking soda has had time to get to work on the stain, give it a good scrub and rinse well.

For porcelain bathtubs, you can scrub using a more abrasive tool such as a pumice stone, but for enamel or acrylic bathtubs you need to be more careful and use a sponge instead to avoid scratching the surface.


Suitable for porcelain bathtubs, vinegar is a naturally acidic cleaner that will work wonders for your bathtub. Remove hard water stains and soap scum by pouring in three cups of white vinegar, while running the hot tap with the plug in. Fill the tub up so it covers the stains and allow the vinegar and water to soak for four hours. When the water drains, grab a scrubbing brush and you should easily be able to scrub off any stains.


Last but not least – our most unusual bath cleaner – shampoo! Run out of bathroom cleaner and need to clean your tub up quickly? Well, you’ve most likely already got this bath cleaner in your bathroom. Grab your shampoo and give the bath a squirt, paying particular attention to stains, and get scrubbing. Shampoo is great for removing soap scum and will add an extra shine to your chrome taps too!

With these simple bath cleaning tips there’s no excuse the next time you’ve got visitors – even shampoo can help you revitalize your bathtub quickly!

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